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Ooma offers the perfect alternative to anyone looking for standard voicemail and calling services. Initial setup and configuration only cost a little and the quality of the service has been reported as excellent.

The customer and technical support of reachable and provides excellent guidance when required. It also offers additional services including international calling and other features, through a purchase of enhanced tools or upgrades.

Services provided by Ooma are not a completely unified communication solution. Even though the customers may have access to features like voicemail, they can’t avail features including Voice conferencing, video conferencing, or SMS.

There is a $9.99 to download the app and additional fee to avail the premium features. There is also a cap of 5,000 minutes on the “unlimited” package.

  • There is an initial cost to gain access to basic features and the device ($149.99)
  • There is an additional cost to access premium features ($9.99)
  • The overall cost may be considered expensive as compared to all-inclusive providers
  • Additional features like international calling and hardware cost individually, and add up to a hefty amount.
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Ooma Reviews
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