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Wholesale VoIP sell their services to businesses that need to use redistribute VoIP services but do not want to hassle with the equipment of the system, or wholesale VoIP resellers.

Features of VoIP wholesale

With the features provided by the wholesale VoIP you can either start your own service or you. You can a variety of features offered by the best VoIP wholesale providers, but following are the standard features:

  • Origination and Termination: this features means that your wholesale originator provider can receive call and your wholesale VoIP termination provider can send calls to a traditional phone number. Without wholesale VoIP termination and origination you won’t be able to establish contact with numbers using traditional phone service.
  • Colocation: it means that you will have exclusive access to all capabilities and features of the wholesale VoIP but you don’t have to worry about maintaining the hardware, your provider does it for you.
  • PBX Hosting: you can also offer your customer hosted PBX, while your provider does all the work behind the curtain.
  • International A – Z: to put it simply, you have international origination and termination, meaning that you can allow your customer to call anywhere in the world.
  • Portal: you are given access to a portal that serves as your control panel for the wholesale VoIP carrier services. Through this portal you are able to control the customer accounts and services available to them.

Reasons to Get a Wholesale VoIP?

Following are the reasons that you should get a wholesale VoIP:

  • You want to try out in telecommunications.
  • You want to become a VoIP reseller
  • You want to set up VoIP for a business

Wholesale VoIP provides you with all the features and the access to do any of these things.

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