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Over a decade ago, 3CX promised an entirely software-based communications system. This promise till today has gripped its users through an extensive list of features and quality service. Following the lead many solution providers have started offering software-based communications bit they all come with some hardware setup.

All software 3CX does not altogether imply that there is no on-premises option. You can download the software on IT hardware on your premises if you are not willing to go for an alternate solution of hosted cloud option provided by 3CX.

In this article, we shall review the communications system solution provider that has taken the business of communications by storm. What are its offerings and how are they met? Moreover, if you are interested in experiencing this big name of communications solution provider then take a look at a wide array of unique features that have customers spanning the globe.

  • The system with easy navigation for your business staff having expertise in Microsoft solutions
  • Easy SIP trunking solution to integrate PSTN connectivity
  • Softphones for smartphones(Android, IOS, Windows) with full integration to a 3CX platform
  • Increased productivity with customer management system integration
  • Free support for the first year of service

Setup and Installation:

Installing and configuring communication system could not have been made easier than 3CX.  For installation of on-premises version, support wizard walks through whole procedure and setup is completed in less than thirty minutes. For SIP trunking option SIP and RTP ports are to be opened on the firewall. For cloud-based services, PBX express makes it all even easier without the need of downloading anything at all.

The next step on extensions is also easy to configure. You can enter user list manually or use an active directory to import. details such as email addresses and mobile numbers are picked up, as well by this method. A PIN is randomly generated for each user so they may access their voicemails securely.

As far as handset provisioning is concerned, handsets are automatically detected on consoles after setup is done. An extension is assigned and 3CX sets a secured access to a web portal with an option to change the default password and set your own.

Customer and Technical Support:

For customer training user guides and documents are available. Webinars can also be attended to better understand your business communication system. Moreover, in-person support is always there. Helpful customer support can be contacted in case of any technical fault. or advise.

  • not suitable for a company having poor IT expertise
  • setup by third-party sometimes get complicated, several follow up sessions are required to get going
  • software upgrade is a complex task

3CX comes with a simple deployment model but makes a perfect choice for business communication systems. ts easy integration with windows makes it easy for business networks to deploy one of the top names of solution providers even without extensive knowledge of IP PBX software. With many features, there can be a lot of  savings

Flexibility, scalability, cost efficiency, simplicity, and convert be are the terms that are core to a good communication system and luckily 3CX satisfies these all. It is all about enabling people to communicate more freely and 3CX provides an architecture to allow systems to communicate freely and with flexibility. Employing latest standards and protocols like SIP and WebRTC 3CX is making it big.

In  £258 + VAT or $495 a year, a standard licence can be obtained allowing up to four simultaneous calls at once. A perpetual licence that is annual Enterprise licence with 1024 channels costs £71,196 + VAT or $59,065.  The licence can be paid annually.

Keep in mind, companies with small IT administration 3CX may not be an ideal option. However, company with few employees but an expert IT person can still utilize 3CX benefits at a competitive cost.

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3cx Reviews
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That said, it is clear why 3CX is named so popular as communications solution provider. It, when emerged in 2005, promised something big, delivered its promises setting new trends and showing new ways to traditional on-premises hardware system and solutions.

3CX, an open source solution provider, works with all gateways, phones, SIP trunk, and VoIP providers. It is a unified communication system for Windows, Mac, and cloud.

3CX has rich packages enough to satisfy large enterprises as well as businesses with small to medium scope. It provides communication systems with features of SIP trunking to highly customization VoIP solutions. various applications and tools are offered to suit the needs of a company of any size.

The pro edition package offer solutions are highly demanded and welcomed by today’s business. These features include integration with CRM  systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and Microsoft Exchange. The system is easily available and configurable VoIP solutions but it stands out due to some of its features that are additional.

One difference is the availability of free version and three scalable commercial implementations of the 3CX system. All these can be configured with multiple extensions. With free edition, simultaneous calls are limited to 8 with pro edition simultaneous calls are limited to 16 and enterprise edition can manage 16 calls. All these packages include handset provisioning along with other features.

The software itself includes Apache web server, Postgrade SQL, and a number of servers to handle call routing, voicemail recording, and browser management console. This console can be used for custom configurations and it also provides an interface for day to day administration of your account. You will need IP enable handsets or you may use any SIP compatible phones to work with VoIP. A free softphone is provided with every edition although it’s used is limited in the free version.

New extensions can be configured in just a few minutes after you are done with default settings. These extensions can then be used to make, receive calls, and so on. users can be easily changed and deleted. Hot desking is one of 3CX standard feature where users can log in their extensions with some authentication code from any handset or softphone.


  • Call Queues

  • Call Routing

  • Call Logging

  • Digital Receptionist

  • Mobile Access

  • Web Conferencing

  • Call Recording

  • SIP Trunking

  • Unified Communications

  • Fax Management

  • Voicemail Settings

  • Chat and Messaging

  • Reporting Statistics

  • Virtual Servers Support

  • CRM and ERP system integration

  • Mobile extension for Smartphones

  • Screen Sharing

  • Meeting Recording

  • An Easy User Interface

  • Easy Setup

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