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8×8 is a well known hosted VoIP service that proposes competitive rates for a business focused service that includes direct messaging and web conferencing. Their system allows users for web conferencing, flawless integration with 3rd-party business applications. 8×8 is part of a global communications system with top-quality security and widespread analytics, and is easily reached from your office phones, desktop PCs, and mobile devices.


  • 99.9983% uptime.
  • A global network spread across 12 data centers, quick ensuring, and clear connections regardless of where you’re calling.
  • Enterprise-level analytics gives businesses an inclusive overview of their phone usage (how many calls, how long, how many lost, how many unreturned, etc). In addition tracks when call quality is at its worst.

For a reasonable VoIP service, 8×8 Virtual Office has an inspiring list of features. The cloud-hosted PBX service contains a standard automatic attendant and lets you effortlessly move everyone of your contact over. The system can be used on both iPhone and Android, in addition to desktop computers, and is effortlessly managed by the online portal. Direct messaging is standard, and video conferencing is one of the many features that make it a lot easy to hold “meetings” with big numbers of contacts despite of where they’re located. Other alternative incorporate extensive analytics to crunch the numbers for you and the capacity to connect your fax machine to the internet. The system is also simply integrated with an extensive array of office products.

Integration: 8×8 has a number of the most widespread integration choices of every brand on the market. Chief CRM and business management players such as Salesforce, Outlook, Smartoffice, and Netsuite are among over 30 different digital tools that can be integrated with your 8×8 account. This helps to enhance your company’s output, workflow, and customer service.

Mobility: 8×8 has mobile app that supports both iOS and Android which are easily downloadable. The app allows you to manage the VoIP system from your mobile phone. The virtual office app lets you access all of your contacts whether personal and business on your mobile device and utilize it to make protected business calls from every location.

Scalability: Scalability isn’t an issue with 8×8 as your monthly payment is per customer. If extra lines are required, other users are added and your costs are adjusted accordingly. The cloud-based system is extremely flexible and even extensive businesses can add or eliminate extensions quickly and easily whenever.

8×8’s Communication Cloud is a system custom-made for enterprise level businesses that require hundreds or more extensions.

Easy Setup and Management: Activation is quite easy and takes a matter of minutes. You take your activation code from the welcome email sent by 8×8. When you get your package from 8×8 it will contain the IP phone, a power cable, and an Ethernet cable. You return the phone and plug the Ethernet into the LAN port (and then into the internet jack) then connect the power cable to the phone and connect the phone handset.

8×8 Customer service: Customer service can be reached by phone or through internet. There is a broad knowledge base support on the website. Customer service can answers to a vast array of customer inquiries. Customer service is available through phone from 5am to 9pm Monday through Saturday and via chat from 6am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

  • Limited call queuing choices (system won’t tell callers how long the wait time should be).
  • There is no 24/7 live chat or phone customer service option.
  • $21.99/user per month for 5-9 employees,
  • $19.99/use per month >10 employees
  • + $5/month for everyone,
  •  + $10/month per user for few employees

Virtual Contact Center Service Plans

  • Standard: Voice only
  • Pro: Voice, email, chat
  • Ultimate: Voice, email, chat and more…
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8×8 Reviews
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8×8 is a great choice for VoIP users from businesses of every size. It proposes a lot of features in its plans and all of it is adjustable to mobile devices. This allows the customers to handle their accounts anywhere they are and make calls while still on the 8×8 plan (thus saving money and data). The product is with no trouble scalable even up to businesses that require thousands of extensions. customers can rest certain that call quality and speed will stay solid regardless of where they’re calling.


  • US-based support

  • Unlimited calls

  • Mobile apps support

  • Automatic- attendant

  • Online call management

  • Conference bridge

  • Music on hold

  • Softphone

  • Voice-to-email notification

  • Business SMS

  • Instant messaging

  • Presence detection

  • Ring groups

  • Web browser click-to-dial

  • Salesforce, netsuite and zendesk integrations

  • Web conferencing

  • Internet faxing

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