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What Is 949 Area Code And Uses Of Area Code 949

The people of California and the cities around will be familiar with the 949 area code. Have you ever noticed that you always enter the area code before the number whenever you make calls?

Because all the areas are assigned specific area codes, you need to enter that before dialing the local number to make calls.

Today we will discuss this area code and try our best to make this conversation fruitful. Let’s have a detailed look at it.

What is the 949 Area Code?

Area code 949 covers southern California and the rest of the cities. This place is considered one of the best entertaining and business places, and many entertaining companies have settled here.

All of its local people are familiar with this code because you can’t make calls without this area code and a local number. The 949 area code also covers a very small area of San Diego country. This area code covers all of the following cities:

  • Coto De Caza 
  • Orange Country
  • Dana Point
  • Laguna Woods
  • Lake Forest
  • Laguna Hills
  • Las Flores
  • NewPort Beach
  • San Juan Capistrano
  • Las Flores.

These are a few cities, and there are still many other cities where this area code provides its services. Now you can have a rough idea of how important this area code is and how many cities are using this code.

History Of 949 Area Code

This area code originated in April 1998; before its origin, area code 714 performed its services in all of the cities mentioned above.

949 Area Code Time Zone

This area code follows the PT time zone, considered the official time zone of California State.

Why Do You Need to Have a 949 Area Code?

California and the cities mentioned above are well known for different business organizations and populations. So it could be a positive option for you to start your business. All businesses have their specific local numbers along with this area code, so if you want to be a citizen of this place, then you need to have this area code and a local number to contact others.

Now, if you want to start your business over there, then you need to make sure that your company has a local number along with its area code on the name of your company number.

It would be very convenient for your clients to get in touch with your staff. And you must have a local contact number to make sure the local people know that your business exists there. That’s why you must have this area code.

Does the 949 Area Code is Tool Free?

Now we are damn sure many of you will think that is 949 toll free area code. Many of the area codes you may find will be tools free but let’s explain that this isn’t a toll-free number.

You will be charged a specific amount for making landline and phone bills. So it is NO; this area code is not toll-free at all.

How to Make Calls By 949 Area Code?

Are you looking for the right way to use this area code? Then stop worrying any more? It’s very simple; within two steps, it will be done.

  •  Enter area code 949 
  • Enter the rest of the 7-digit area code

That’s all you need to do to make it workable for you. 

Can Area Code 949 Scam Us?

It’s the authentic area code, but still, there are many people out there who are using this area code for scamming.

They are making fake calls, offering different insurances and other offers to get your personal information, and hacking your bank account for money.

Now you are thinking about how they get your numbers, and it’s very simple; all they need to do is contact any of the dark websites, and that’s how they sell your number leads at a very low price.

That’s how they get your numbers and call you by mentioning the name of any well-known organization. That’s why all you need to do is never pick up the call, and if you have picked up by mistake, you need to cut the call again and block that number on the spot. That’s how they will never be able to make calls.

Benefits Of 949 Area Code For Your Business?

All businesses are looking for this area code to get their appearance in California and all the cities mentioned above.

Numerous business options are present in all areas covered by the 949 area code. Now let’s explore how your business will be on track and get a sudden boost by having this area code and a local number.

1. Cold Calling

All business people are familiar with cold calling and how important it is to get in direct contact with clients, and that’s how you increase the number of interested people.

And for this, your team needs an area code and a local number to promote your business, and the 949 area code can do it for you.

2. Customer Service Representation

How all of your clients may get in touch with you exactly through a mobile number; they will be able to contact you for your services.

There should be a specific number for your customer support team to talk with your customers and guide them accordingly. That’s why all business organizations need area code 949 and a specific local number for their customer service team.

3. Specific Single Phone Line

Sometimes, many companies have different business lines, and that’s the most confusing thing for all of their clients because they may never be able to reach out to you through the exact number.

That’s why all of you must have a specific number to represent your business, and the area code 949 with a specific local number will represent your country.


949 area code covers California and all the cities mentioned above and provides its services. Today’s conversation explored how this area code has become necessary in California to start your business.

We haven’t left anything unturned to make this conversation fruitful for you.

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