Advantages and Disadvantages of Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband internet access is the most revolutionary technology that has been invented so far. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of broadband networks.

What is Broadband Internet Access?

Not many years ago, a dial-up Internet connection was the only used medium to connect to the Internet. Nonetheless, in the last few years broadband Internet access has converted into ordinary.

Broadband is the quicker medium to access the Internet in comparison to the old dial-up. It is quick in terms of data transfer, upload, and download. The connectivity is a lot enhanced with files, images, and data being transmitted a great deal faster. Once an individual uses broadband, there is no way they would want to use a dial-up again.

A broadband internet access is referred to as an “always on” connection. Therefore, you would not need to undergo the course of dialing up and logging in whenever they want to connect to the Internet. All you now have to do is to open the browser and start browsing as the Internet connection is automatic. Unlike the dial-up, you do not need to free the phone line to approve the internet connection.

A regular broadband connection comes in three sorts: cable, wireless, and DSL.


 The cable connection is accessible in locations where there is cable television available as it employs the similar line that is required for the television. This kind of broadband connection is offered by the majority of cable television providers.


As the name suggests, this connection is wireless which means it requires no wires to connect. This can be a lot quicker as compared to cable and DSL connections at some locations; however it is much more costly.


DSL broadband Internet access is obtainable through local telephone companies. The DSL infrastructure is ingrained in the UK except for at some remote locations.

Advantages of Broadband Network

  • The speed of a broadband connection is the key emphasize. The data transmission speed of the connection is over 200 kbps whereas dial-up is just 56 kbps. This is accurate in the main part of the country, as the majority connection speeds are “provisioned.” (ISPs guarantee to make a best-efforts try to deliver the provisioned upload and download speeds.)
  • Broadband Internet access let the Internet to be connected whilst the phone line is in use. This is since both the voice line and the data line are split in the broadband connection.
  • With broadband, you would not have to worry about checking email. If the computer is on, automatically the email application will update from the server by checking for new emails.
  • Thanks to broadband, several users can work at the same time all together. On the contrary to this, if numerous computers are used on the same bandwidth in a dial-up connection, the speed will be extremely low.
  • Broadband connections comprise digital connections and are extremely reliable. There are smaller numbers of breaks as the data transmission is quick. In dial-up modems, sometimes there is a data overload.
  • Since the connection is quick, the download rate is also high-speed. Therefore, downloading, music, files, emails, etc. is a lot faster in a broadband connection.
  • There are no automatic cut-offs or time-outs of the connection in a broadband Internet connection.
  • The broadband internet connection is called an “always on” connection. The broadband connection is constantly on 24/7 when the computer starts. This accumulates a lot of time in comparison to dial-up where the user has to free a phone line, put in a password, connect, and then browse.
  • Broadband connections are to be paid according to the usage or plan and not as per how much time is spent. Consequently, users do not need to keep a track of the time they spend on the Internet.
  • Broadband Internet access is obtainable for wireless devices also. This connection is a benefit for those who possess a laptop, palmtop, or cell phone.

Disadvantages of Broadband Network

  • The speedier the broadband connection the cost is also almost twice as much as a dial-up connection. On the other hand, this can be reduced to the point if you already have a separate phone line for the Internet that you can cancel.
  • Safety worries arise when the computer is on 24/7. As the computer is on the majority of the time, there may perhaps be a possibility that someone might want to access the computer. A lot of security features are offered in the market to conquer this problem.
  • The broadband connection boosts the speed capacity of the Internet, however does not promise the speed. The speed of the Internet is also greatly dependent on the IPS’s servers. If the servers are slow, out-of-date, or over-burdened, the speed of the Internet connection will suffer.


Broadband Internet access has both advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, in spite of the disadvantages it has turned out to be the most common method to connect to the Internet. Broadband is the future of telecommunications, and the broadband connection business is increasing now as customer demand is increasing. At the same time, research is also ongoing to give a enhanced product. In conclusion, it can be precisely said that the broadband Internet connection is an extremely significant invention in the world of technology and one that is likely to linger so for the foreseeable future.


David O'Neil

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