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What Is Area Code 404 And The 404 Country Code Time Zone

What if you receive a call from a number having area code 404, you may surely search for what area code it is and where it is serving.

404 country code originated in 1947 and covered the entire state of Georgia. And now it’s covering Atlanta and all surrounding areas along with Georgia. Its overlays the area code 470 and serves all of its areas too.

An 404 phone area code represents a place; whenever you receive a call, it’s easy to know where the caller belongs. In today’s discussion, we will explore all of the worth-discussing aspects of this area for your better understanding.

What is Area Code 404?

The 404 phone area code covers the state of Georgia, Atlanta, and its surrounding areas. Only individuals don’t need to use this area code; all the organizations, institutes, medical centers, and other industries do.

Atlanta is the biggest city in Georgia, and millions of people use this code for making and receiving calls. This overlayed area code 678 and 470 area codes and covered all similar places.

All of its local people, businesses, educational institutes, and medical centers use this area code. All states and cities are assigned a specific area code representing them and let the receiver know the caller’s location.

Can We Say Area Code 404 is Legitimate?

The 404 country code is a legitimate code that covers Georgia. The 404 area code is authentic and officially assigned to different places accordingly. But people use them for scamming, and this area code is famous among all scammers and robocalls.

Atlanta is at the top of the list in scamming with area code 404; there are hundreds of different ways of scamming; the recent one is when you receive a call from an unknown number having 404 country code, the longer you will stay on call the more money it will cost.

So whenever you get a call from any unknown number having area code 404, just hang up immediately. That’s the only way to avoid scammers and save your money.

It isn’t necessary that only the people of Georgia and Atlanta can scam their people; people are scamming globally by having this area code along with its local number.

404 Area Code Time zone And Location

This area code 404 location in Georgia follows the eastern time zone and is 5 hours behind the universal time zone.

Why Do We Need to Have a 404 Country Code?

Area code 404 covers Atlanta, considered one of the best and most affordable places to live. All necessary things like food, transport, and business start-ups are easy to afford.

In 2013 Forbes mentioned Atlanta as one of the best places for careers and business. So it’s worth moving to this place. You can seek a job over here and start your business. But you always need this Atlanta area code for making and receiving calls.

If you are starting your business over there or deciding to shift, then it’s vital to have this area code to make and receive calls. You may never experience any successful enterprise without having its local contact number along with an area code because it’s easy to convince the local people of Atlanta by using its area code. Now it’s easy for you to understand why the area code of Georgia is compulsory to have.

How to Avoid Unknown Area Code 404 calls?

Scamming is at its peak now; every other person is getting scammed and losing millions of dollars. You may surely use it to receive many unknown Area Code 404 calls. Your respective network has already provided you with the basic information, and they will never ask anything personal such as your account details.

Hence, if any of the 404 callers ask for any sensitive information, never reveal it and block the caller immediately. Let’s make it simple for you how to avoid 404 fake calls.

Area Code 404 Apps for Blocking Fake Calls

You may find many different applications specifically used for blocking fake and robocalls. Use any of them according to your easy to get rid of this scamming.

These applications will reveal the caller’s identity and block the scammers automatically. 

1. Don’t Answer - 404 country code

Ignoring fake calls is the best way to stay away from scammers. Whenever you receive any fake call, just hang up.

2. National Do Not Call Registry List

Joining this list will keep all telemarketers away once and for all. But still, there are some chances to get calls from survey-takers, charities, and official organizations.

3. Block Fake Callers - 404 country code

An option for blocking unwanted callers is available in all iPhones and Androids. That’s a simple process to avoid scammers; whenever you find any fake call, just hang it up and block the caller instantly.

4. Do Not Disturb Mood

Use this smartphone feature and choose all the trustworthy contacts to allow them to call you. No one else can call you except these few selected contacts.

Advantages of Having 404 Area Codes

Many of you think that the 404 country code can benefit you. It isn’t compulsory to have this code just for business. If you are new in Georgia and Atlanta, you must have this area code and a registered local number to contact its local people and handle your business.

Let’s explore the advantages of having a 404 area code for business!

1. 404 phone area code is Cost Effective

All of the entrepreneurs are very much familiar with advertising expenses. That’s why they always prefer the native area code of the targeted place and local number to make promotional calls.

Because in the promotion, you need to make hundreds of calls daily, and area code 404 can make it easy to afford at local rates.

2. Cold Calling through 404 phone area code

All entrepreneurs are familiar with cold calling and how it could be beneficial for expanding their business. It’s a process of calling unknown people and letting them know about your business and services.

The area code 404 of Atlanta offers low-cost calling, which helps business organizations connect with hundreds of new customers. 

3. Physical Existence

If you want your business in Atlanta, you must show your local existence to win their trust. And only the local number, along with its area code, can get it done for you.

When your customer service team calls through a local number, the local people may approach you physically too.


Area code 404 originated in 1947 and is considered one of the old area codes still in use. All states and cities are given official area codes, which they can use to make and receive calls.

In today’s discussion, we explored all of the worth-telling information about this area code of Georgiana. If you want to start your business over there, it’s worth reading. Avoid scammers by following all of the instructions mentioned above.

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