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AT&t UC Voice is a business voice over internet protocol solution. It comes with extensive features and perfect integration with Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber. AT&T UC voice service can be utilized via phone, video phone, and soft-phone to enhance communication and collaboration across your business. Its perfect integration with Microsoft Lync helps to maximize the infrastructure benefits without additional cost. With voice and data over a single network, it enhances communication experience, providing traditional and advanced communication opportunities to your business altogether. AT&T UC voice plan must be bundled with an internet that makes it a little expensive than other VoIP service providers in the industry but their extensive and feature-rich communication solutions make AT&T Voice a popular choice among both residential users and business owners.

AT&T UC Voice Service Overview:

User base ranges from small (10-11 employees) to medium-sized businesses. All these users avail services of data hosting, IT services, and mainly information services related to VoIP business solutions.

AT&T comes with service plans suitable for all customers. whether residential or business. service comes initially with 200 minutes of calling nationwide. For further calling you may get charged at a rate of $0.07 per minute. If you are a frequent user, may have some family living abroad, then it’s better to upgrade your service plan at a nominal cost of around $10. With this upgrade plan you get unlimited calling option.

Business plans come to manage enterprise communication in offices and while on a go. All business plans are extensible and scalable to tailor needs of a respective business. Business plans cover features that come with residential services and also some additional features.

AT&T UC voice unified messaging option allow s users to stack multiple emails in a single voice mailbox. Users can then access these voicemails through desk phones.  A useful feature of Meet ME helps users to set up conference calls and collaborative meetings. Find Me option or set alerts on employees phone to get them notified to reach back to you. Call routing orders can also be set to keep employees connected with what is going on back at the office.

You can manage your AT&T UC voice account online. With this online portal, you can add, manage contacts, listen to call, keep track of call logs both incoming and outgoing. Do not disturb option can be availed using a simple On and OFF switch. You can manage call settings and also block numbers. If you are posses AT&T UC wireless, you can combine your wireless and voice messages in a single mailbox. This makes access to important emails easy through any desktop or phone device.

The additional facility offered by AT&T UC voice services is a backup battery. Usually, companies offer such batter backups at an additional cost. With this backup battery, you will be able to attend calls over VoIP even without power for several hours. This provides an efficient solution to the problem of continuous power supply usually encountered by VoIP communication without a backup phone.

AT&T offers to include a connection to  TV and phones. Customers availing services for TV and Phone receive call logs and call history. There is a feature to click to call. A missed call is displayed on the screen and can be returned to through a remote call. You can view an address book and caller ID for making and receiving calls

One drawback that may come with AT &T voice service is that it has to be bundled with internet package. If you are eager to avail TV and phone packages then this bundle option could be a better choice in terms of cost saving bit if you are only VoIP voice buyer then it may become an expensive choice for you.

At&T UC is a well-established name in the industry of VoIP providers. you can easily trust them with fast and consistent service.It may seem a better option for residential users given their phone and TV internet bundle but if you are already an AT&T service user for your business then AT&T voice would be a suitable option for your business communication solution greatly maximizing benefits

  • battery backup plan
  • rich compatibility with existing hardware
  • reasonable bundled package for reasonable cost
  • large selection of quality phones as any other big service provider
  • service is cost efficient majorly when bundles with internet package
  • media coverage quality is comparatively low

There service plans for unlimited category are little above average as compared to other companies. They offer unlimited package for around $35. Whereas other companies may offer same for $15 to $20. But if you are willing to buy internet and TV service as well then AT&T would be a reasonable package.

Suitable package for a residential user comes between $29 to $89 with internet, TV, and phone service depending on a package. Their package U-verse might be a better choice for you as a residential user.

For business, box bundle would be a better option. It helps to switch to VoIP communication solutions while still keeping your analogue phones. They have wide compatibility range for hardware and may connect to already installed key or PBX systems thus minimizing your installation and setup costs. You can choose a service for SIP trunking whether on existing PBX or key phone system or you can avail hosted PBX on cloud fully managed and supported by AT&T. Unified communication packages are best suitable for large enterprises. one such service is At&T connect, which allows you to manage a real-time conference calls and file sharing thus boosting your business efficiency.

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AT&T UC Voice Reviews
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Extensive online customer support is available in form of user documentation and user guides.You can also contact their support team on live telephone call who will then guide you through whole procedure till you are satisfied. the material is also available to train you for efficient and effective use of service. Prices and rates are although not clearly displayed on their website. We suggest you call their customer support centre and go through all the necessary details before committing to any service package.

At&T UC is a well-established name in the industry of VoIP providers. you can easily trust them with fast and consistent service.It may seem a better option for residential users given their phone and TV internet bundle but if you are already an AT&T service user for your business then AT&T voice would be a suitable option for your business communication solution greatly maximizing benefits.


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  • Dial-by-name Directory

  • Local Number Portability

  • Music on Hold

  • Automatic Callback

  • Auto-Attendant

  • Call Blocking

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  • Unified Inbox

  • Outbound Call Control

  • Outlook Integration

  • Remote Office

  • Video on Hold

  • Virtual Extensions

  • Call Recording

  • Group Intercom

  • Call Queuing (ACD)

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