VoIP reseller

How You Become VoIP Reseller – Complete Steps & Guide In 2022

Who wants to become a VoIP reseller? Technology is getting wider with time; nothing can remain the same forever; as things get better, many new versions are introduced. Communication is one of the most important technologies which has facilitated uncountable business companies and boosted them to success. VoIP is taking over all of the mega […]

VoIP Vulnerabilities

Top VoIP Vulnerabilities In 2022- Secure VoIP

In the first step of the development, VoIP vulnerabilities were addressed, and VoIP security concerns were not huge in the initial phases of the technology’s development. Its main issues were its price, efficiency, and stability. Security issues have become a significant concern as VoIP gets popular over time. When we consider that VoIP is replacing […]

Voip Phones

Best Voip Phones for Small Business in 2022

The top VoIP phones for small businesses will be discussed on this page, along with each model’s pricing and noteworthy features. A VoIP softphone can give similar features using software that runs on your pre-existing desktop or mobile devices, so you won’t need hardware. This is an alternative worth investigating initially because it may be less expensive […]

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

What is NATO Phonetic Alphabet UK, and How does it Improve Customer Service?

We will provide an overview of the NATO phonetic alphabet in this post. Our focus will be to discuss why call centre agents utilise it and how to guide them in using it effectively. Overview Of What Does the Phonetic Alphabet Mean? The phonetic alphabet consists of twenty-six words, each starting with a different alphabet […]