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Dialpad is extremely easy to use.

The app allows the user to take work with them wherever they do.

Due to the text feature, the communication becomes rather easy and convenient.

The directory is also reported to make things a lot easier since the users can just copy paste the numbers and there is no need for any extra effort.

Dialpad offers services that can be easily scaled with little to no efforts.

It supports both iOS and Android platforms.

A lot of glitches have been reported in the app.

The app usually gives notification after the call has already been received.

The call quality is also reported to be disrupted time to time, but there is quite a chance that the device being used at fault.

The app’s default settings are usually not “ready-to-go”

Around the clock customer support is only offered with higher packages.

There are three different plans offered by Dialpad.

  • Standard ($15 monthly/per user – billed monthly)
  • Pro ($25 monthly/per user – billed annually)
  • Enterprise ($35 monthly/per user – billed annually)
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Dialpad Reviews
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  • Help and Support
  • Rates


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