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eVoice was initially established in 1999. At the time of its establishment eVoice was the world’s first extensive, Internet powered voicemail providing system. eVoice was re-launched in 2010 offering users an inclusive communications services and packages. With the customer friendly approach at the heart of eVoice and being aimed at businesses that consist of those for example freelancers, the company actually shows it is interested in keeping people linked with as little hassle and commotion as possible.

Easy Setup / consumer Support: 24 / 7 live user support and email support for customers of the service is given. eVoice also proposes a 30 day free trial.

There is an inclusive FAQ’s section if you consider your inquiry can be answered simply or possibly a common problem. For more in-depth communication you have a customer service portal which will let you to chat to an advisor directly.

There are system status updates frequently shown on the site.

eVoice’s plain approach perhaps can be a bit much plain for many. This puts them at a different drawback to their competitors when you think about the cost difference. No queues, no internet faxes, and no call from web.

Every package and price plans come with features for instance Advanced Call Routing, Automatic Attendant, Business Phone System, Call Logs, Caller ID, Conference Call, Online Faxing, Hosted PBX, custom Recorded Greetings, Toll-Free Number, united Communications and Web Conference together with a lot more. VIP Support comes with upgrades.

Professional: This is designed for 1-individual professionals or freelancers and contains per month 300 minutes and 2 extensions. Prices begin at $12.99 per month however mainly popular version of this package is said to cost $49.99 per month and offers 2000 minutes and 10 extensions.

Small Business: This plan is for companies with 2 – 25 employees. $29.99 per month for 5 extensions and 1000 minutes. Perfect for additional limited phone usage with full access to every other feature. Extensions can be inserted by promoting to a lot more expensive plan.

Workforce: This is for companies with 25+ employees. $29.99 per month however can modify to a per user pricing system. The Plan contains 2000 per month minutes per customer and allows you to make sure calls are always directed to the correct workers.

The greatest method to find the price for your company is to obtain a quote online, speak to one of the sales team or browse the website to make sure you’re addressing your business’s requirements.

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eVoice Reviews
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The brains behind eVoice initiated a lot of the technology utilized in VoIP services across the world therefore it’s no revelation that their service yields huge results. All products look easy to utilize and there are a lot of customer service choices, even if you did have a difficulty you’d simply find a way to contact someone to help you fix it.


  • Access to local and toll free numbers in the United States and Canada.

  • numerous extensions, allowing dialing to specific workers or departments.

  • Call routing to preferred phone or phones in addition to forwarding to numerous phones at the same time or in a specific order.

  • Call screening. declaration of caller name; calls can then be picked up or transferred to voicemail.

  • Toll-Free Number

  • Voicemail sent directly to email; management from every computer with a standard Internet browser.

  • Text transcriptions of voicemail messages send as a text message or email.

  • Conference calling facility.

  • Custom recorded greeting.

  • Call transferring to voicemail, extensions, or a different number.

  • Mobile apps well-suited with iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices.

  • Professionally Recorded Greetings

  • Auto receptionist

  • Virtual Receptionist, office, extensions and phone system

  • Advanced Call Routing, answering Rules

  • Call Record, logs and call screening

  • Conference Call and web conferences

  • Dial By Name Directory

  • Online Faxing

  • Hosted PBX

  • Music On Hold

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