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Grasshopper is a stand-alone auto attendant that can manage multiple endpoint phone extensions and receive multiple incoming faxes. The customers select a phone number, and calls from that number are then forwarded to an existing phone line (mobile, home, office, etc.). The services are pretty much up-and-running as there is no additional hardware to purchase and set up.

All four plans offered by Grasshopper come with a money-back guarantee. All plans offer unlimited extensions, a toll-free number, and all other calling features. The difference in plans is just because of the difference in minutes.

Customers can benefit from features like

  • Auto attendant
  • Toll-free calling
  • Music on hold

There is also an iPhone App available that can be used to make calls with the business number showing.

The customers need to have an already existing phone service in order to avail the services offered by Grasshopper.

The “Call Out” feature can be only used through the iPhone app, for which the outbound calls must be enabled before they dial an access code that is pre-specified. This feature doesn’t support outbound 911.

There is also no outbound faxing feature available.

The “Pay as you Grow” plan is only valid for one local number or one toll-free number, for any additional number you have to pay $5 per month each.

Call conferencing has a maximum limit of 10 participants and is charged per minute for each participant. This means a call of 20 minutes with 10 people will be counted as 200 minutes.

Grasshopper allows the small businesses to have to have their calls routed to unlimited extensions as long as they have a pre-existing phone service.

  • Pay as you Grow ($12 monthly, 6c/min)
  • Ramp ($24 monthly, 500 minutes)
  • Grow ($49 monthly, 2,000 minutes)
  • Max ($199 monthly, 10,000 minutes)
  • International calling (upfront deposit of $500, used as credit in future)
  • More than one number cost $5 each, monthly

It is advised to do a comparison before deciding the phone service with competitors like RingCentral.

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