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A Hosted PBX or Private Branch Exchange is employed in an office to divide a main line into different extensions, either for different departments or different employees. When you call an office and are asked to press a button, say 1, to reach a certain department or employee, say Joe, then you are interacting with a PBX.

How is Hosted PBX Different from a Traditional PBX?

There are three major difference between a traditional PBX and a hosted PBX:

  1. Instead of a traditional phone,  PBX uses an internet phone.
  2. The PBX is maintained by the service provider, there is little or no in-house control.
  3. All calls whether inbound or outbound are converted into internet calls by PBX, and thus all calls are cheap calls.

Hosted PBX has gained a reputation with the businesses. It provides all the best things about a VoIP phone service minus the hassle of in-house maintenance.

It is cloud based which makes it ideal for the telecommunication companies and for those employees who prefer working from home or remote areas.

Benefits of Hosted PBX System

There are many a benefits of choosing the hosted PBX for your business:

  • Cheap internet outbound and inbound calls.
  • No updating, no troubleshooting, and thus no hassle.
  • Expandable with the growth of the business
  • Up-to-date encryption and security
  • Virtual office for employees working from outside the office
  • Features including enhances voicemail, call recording, call waiting, virtual assistant, virtual numbers, etc.

Comparison of Hosted PBX System and Premise-based Systems

At many levels, PBX is much more affordable than the premise-based systems. The PBX hardware costs in thousands, which is not a luxury small businesses can afford.

With PBX hardware, you also have to take care of all the securing, configuration, upgrading and maintaining. Whereas it is all taken care of by the provider in a PBX.

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