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Jive offers one complete solution to all its customers – a managed unlimited VoIP platform. It doesn’t offer a metered option for the businesses looking for a reduced minute package, tiered pricing isn’t really a requirement. As per the number of lines, the monthly cost may drop as low as $19.85 per VoIP line.

There is no need to sign any kinds of contracts for the initiation as Jive VoIP platform is absolutely proprietary technology, which means that the customers can take advantage of the services month to month without being obligated to remain with the provider. Moreover, the money back guarantee stands along with the claims like 99.99% uptime and 24-hour customer service.

Jive offers an always updating set of features thanks to the continuous development and their own propriety PBX. With the exception of call recording, the customers are given access to all kinds of features that they are looking for.

Jive also offers a mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With this, the customers can still enjoy the services even though they are away from the physical service address.

At only $15 per number, Jive also offers number porting. With no kind of hidden fee or legal obligation, the customers can hold on to their number when they are porting out of jive.

The company provides and supports the top IP as well as conferencing hardware at a very low rate (as low as $75).

Unlimited call surely appears very attractive at the first sight, however, when you go through the details of the terms and condition, Jive only allows a “fair usage”. This means that the maximum number of outbound and the inbound call is already a determined average.

A fee may apply for those trying to cancel the services or trying to return the hardware orders. At an average, these fees cost about 30% and may add up to a significant amount for those who are buying the latest equipment.

The customers are given a 30-days period to pay their bills after which they are penalized 12% interest per year.

Regardless of all the features that Jive offers, some businesses need CRM and email integration to function, which are the services unavailable to Jive customers.

Customers are advised to be careful while reviewing Jive’s terms and conditions as they are known to use the name of the business and logo for their marketing. This may be insignificant for some but may be a big deal for others.

Jive offers a platform carefully designed to fit businesses of all sizes that offer unlimited VoIP:

  • Jive Propriety PBX ($29.95 per line – decreased to $19.95 only for businesses having more than 50 lines.)
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Jive Reviews
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