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Experiencing new horizons in business together as a work team and alongside valuable customers is what compels us to search for new and efficient ways to connect and communicate. For a time now Microsoft has played a vital role in fulfilling our communication needs as a business owner and workers. With very frequent updates, we have always seen Microsoft Skype at par with communication needs of enterprises. But recent updates of Skype software is not taken very well by its customers especially initially that is June 2017.

In countries like US and UK ratings dropped to literally half. Statement from Microsoft Skype spokesperson stated that they are on it, that reviews are being analyzed and worked upon. So we waited for how Skype would tackle with such state of events being a pioneer of technology with a massive user base.

Here at the beginning of 2018, we are taking a user experience review of Microsoft Skype, a communication software giant.

What is Next Generation Skype

This new generation of Microsoft Skype has quite in store for us. First thing first. Many fixes are made and updates are improved. Some updates are to:

  • delete contacts
  • make a call while using another application
  • delete conversations
  • notification alerts on desktop and mobile app.

Apart from these major updates and fixes, Skype introduced some new features to give its users an amazing communication experience as claimed by Microsoft Skype. It comes with an improved user interface with  a pleasant navigation and user experience. Status of contacts results in effective communication. You know which of your contact is free to talk. File and content sharing feature from other Android and ios apps on Skype chats is also there.AI based feature of calls translation is something quite new.. Now, users speaking different languages would be able to listen and understand eachother. Skype started this feature with major Latin languages and is now supporting audio translation of extensive list of languages, Opening more opportunities in cross border business and relations.

  • quick chat option with file sending and screen sharing option.
  • Ability to turn off pop up notifications while in a meeting
  • social media app type feel, preferably used as an inter-organization app for chatting and sharing, helps in maintaining good work environment, even among globally spread offices.
  • Takes little time to set up.
  • Cost-free calls across the border. Calls can easily be converted to video calls.
  • Effectively integrated with Outlook and Microsoft office
  • comparatively cheaper subscriptions for services.
  • chat history is maintained.
  • Easy access to multiple devices. Chats are synced whether it is laptop, mobile, or tablet. All options can be availed on all devices.
  • sometimes sign in is time taking. Also, passwords are requested repeatedly.
  • Sometimes, video lagging is experienced especially if users are widely distributed globally.
  • In some regions, Skype mobile app may behave with few bugs, like having initial sign-in issues.
  • Sometimes data bandwidth can be an issue. More effective data sharing should be considered not burdening on bandwidth.
  • Mac OS Skype may get a little buggy, in terms of connectivity.
  • Sync can be a problem. Sometimes you have to sync again and again to reflect some notification such as a meeting in a meeting tab. Professional may get annoyed with this.
  • You cannot directly share an image in a chat, like copy/paste. It requires you to first download the media file and then share, annoying experience for a user.
  • On-premises sometimes get complicated to implement.
  • User layout for skype business should be more professional and stable, instead of frequent updates from Microsoft.
  • A large increase in memory usage, not recommended on low memory devises.
  • For meetings with 30+ people, calls may drop and chats may crash.
  • Skype for business goes on updating automatically, which is not quite approved by computer professionals. Such updates may make Skype unavailable at a very critical need of time.
  • Automatic launching is another inconvenience. Skype opens as soon as a user logs in. Not every user wants this every time.
  • Reasonable for a large organization

customer service and technical support

  • Skype customer support website covers over 950 FAQs.
  • user guides to get related help
  • community support forum foe seeking online help
  • love chat support

what can be improved

  • Remotely accessing co-worker computers through screen sharing
  • better support for mac OS and Linux users.
  • AI based on call language translation.
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Microsoft Skype Reviews
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These reviews are 100% from real users. We do not support any company personally we are here to provide you the best VoIP services provider based on real users experience.

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A summary of what is there in store by Microsoft Skype and what can be improved can be as follows:

  • fast and reasonable messaging, audio, and video communication.
  • Cost of hard phones for business telephony may be reduced.
  • Better option may be introduced for video calling on hard phones

Skype For Business

Skype for business has provided numerous features smoothing communication across enterprises. With cloud-based and on-premises services, Skype has enabled communication and collaboration throughout globe among team members through video conferencing that can be attended by multiple users on Skype or phone collectively. Also, sharing files through Microsoft Office is also a highly used option. People can schedule meetings on Skype and can effectively communicate. Enterprise communication assistants like Voice over IP systems(VoIP) and private branch exchange software(PBX), both hosted and cloud-based are featuring and supporting Microsoft Skype. Much important communication software for business feature Microsoft Skype is their guides. Lets overview pros and cons of the above-discussed features based on authentic Microsoft Skype users.

Skype may not be a full-fledged VoIP solution for an enterprise but it is definitely fulfilling communication needs for business and bridging the gap between co-workers, inter-company or across companies. Thus Skype and specifically Skype business are ensuring efficient business practices and it promises to do more in near future. Promises have been made by Microsoft thanks to Artificial Intelligence for machine learning, cognitive learning, and speech recognition that will hopefully result in a much better and efficient communication experience for business and enterprises.


  • Status Display

  • Screen Sharing

  • Content and Media files Sharing

  • User Friendly Interface

  • On Call Language Translation

  • Different Themes

  • HD Video Calling

  • Video Conferencing

  • Fail Sharing

  • Instant Messaging

  • User Support Documentation

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