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Started out in mid-2007. Ooma has a different working strategy than the other VoIP providers. It aims to get rid of the hassle of paying every month for the customer. The customers have to buy the Telo device that is connected to the existing internet connection and landline, in order to avail the services.

  • 45+ Premium Features
  • Compatible with most IP Phones
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Faxing
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Ooma offers the perfect alternative to anyone looking for standard voicemail and calling services. Initial setup and configuration only cost a little and the quality of the service has been reported as excellent.

The customer and technical support of reachable and provides excellent guidance when required. It also offers additional services including international calling and other features, through a purchase of enhanced tools or upgrades.

Services provided by Ooma are not a completely unified communication solution. Even though the customers may have access to features like voicemail, they can’t avail features including Voice conferencing, video conferencing, or SMS.

There is a $9.99 to download the app and additional fee to avail the premium features. There is also a cap of 5,000 minutes on the “unlimited” package.

  • There is an initial cost to gain access to basic features and the device ($149.99)
  • There is an additional cost to access premium features ($9.99)
  • The overall cost may be considered expensive as compared to all-inclusive providers
  • Additional features like international calling and hardware cost individually, and add up to a hefty amount.
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Ooma Reviews
  • Features
  • Credibility
  • Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Help and Support
  • Rates


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Anyone who needs a basic telephone service at a reasonable price, Telo device is a good alternative. Although, for customers who are looking for additional features like call forwarding, voicemail-to-text, and conferencing, there are better options available. Ooma customer support is reported to be responsive and easy to reach.


  • Platforms

  • Use via computer

  • Use via cellphones

  • Use via phones

  • Minutes per Line

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Min. Contract Length

  • Customer Service Hours

  • Call Hold

  • Call Logs

  • Call Transfer

  • Professional Greeting

  • iOS App Support

  • Android App Support

  • Salesforce Integration

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller-ID

  • Custom Tagging

  • Dial-by-name Directory

  • Local Number Portability

  • Music on Hold

  • Automatic Callback

  • Auto-Attendant

  • Call Blocking

  • Call Conferencing

  • Multiple Devices on 1 Extension

  • Switchboard Software

  • Internet Fax

  • Toll Free Number

  • Virtual Mailbox

  • Online Backup & Storage

  • Priority Alert

  • Privacy

  • Push to Talk

  • Seven-Digit Dialing

  • Unified Inbox

  • Outbound Call Control

  • Outlook Integration

  • Remote Office

  • Video on Hold

  • Virtual Extensions

  • Call Recording

  • Group Intercom

  • Call Queuing (ACD)

  • Call Groups

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