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Customer Support / Ease of Setup: is quite simple service to use, with their focus on plainness and user friendly products.

Set up is fast for both business and residential systems.

The online interface device to administer your account is well planned and takes you through all the steps you require to set up and access your features.

There is a segment for FAQs that covers a broad range of topics and support is accessible through phone, email or live chat 24/7.

The phone support is a local and toll-free number and you can talk to a consultant in English or Spanish.

Even though is a reliable company but there features are very limited as compared to other big VoIP providers. The company may be unable to cater businesses that require complex and multiple features. offers unlimited minutes in the U.S. and Canada. It also offers unlimited extensions but international calls are not incorporated. Internal calls among extensions are free of cost. The company offers four tiered business call plans, all under the umbrella of the Virtual Office program and based on the number of minutes given (from 300 minutes / month – 2500 minutes / month).

Every business plan includes the same standard features and rates for optional features. The cost is exclusively based on the minutes. The company offers monthly rolling contracts or a one year contract option (this choice is cheaper) so there is flexibility there too.

Essential rates begin at below $10 / user per month.

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