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Session Initiation Protocol or SIP Trunking lets the businesses upgrade their in-house PBX system to internet phone service for both external and internal calls.

By getting attached to the traditional in-house PBX system, SIP trunk converts all the calls, inbound or outbound, into low-rate internet calls. Which translates into thousands by making external calls cheaper and internal calls free.

You can buy SIP VoIP based on the number of concurrent calls, which makes it ideal for the businesses that do not have such a great number of external calls.

Features of SIP VoIP

An in-house PBX is the one trade off with investing in SIP trunk, but the features that it offers make it worth it:

  • Auto attendant (much more detailed)
  • Better quality audio conference
  • Voice messaging system appropriate for businesses
  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Media transfer
  • Call hold
  • Local number porting
  • Call recording
  • E911 capability
  • Call routing
  • Push-to-talk intercom
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Remote Extensions

Benefits of SIP VoIP

Any company that consist of staff equal to or greater than 20 should give SIP a chance as a cost effective options, because cheap external calls is one of the best advantage of SIP VoIP. The other benefits of SIP trunking are:

  • Cheap international and long-distance calls
  • Unified extensions
  • SIP connects straight to internet, IP-PSTN gateway is eliminated.
  • No BRI (Basic Rate Interface) and PRI (Primary rate Interface) subscription fee.

SIP trunking is an easy way to go cheap for the companies who already have existing hardware, and benefit from Internet calling out-of-office as well as in-house.

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