Stay At Home and work! Big Deal on Free VoIP Conference Calling     

During the crisis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, every business small or large needs to stay connected and maintain its presence in the marketplace. With VoIP conferencing you can stay connected and continue trading securely and remotely from a virtual desk. Host or join VoIP Business conference from a laptop, phone, desktop or Smartphone. In order to join a conference room through your phone, you just need to dial the conference number and the host PIN.

Why choose our conferencing business solution?

High-quality conference calls

  • Free conference calling service with VoIP Business. All you need to do is dial the conference number.
  • Anyone can dial into the conference room. 
  • Connect up to a hundred participants in one conference room with HD call quality. 
  • Always Available 24/7, no scheduling or reservations needed. 

Easy to set up and use 

  • Signup
  • Get a conference phone number and access pin
  • Share the number .
  • Dial-in, start talking. 
  • Make Unlimited Calls and hold meetings

Control and maintain all conference calls

You can use Free VoIP UK through the following steps:
  • Easily manage call participants with caller count, receive an alert each time a caller join/leave the call, marking the attendees etc.
  • Facilitate the conference call with settings to mute participants, play music-on-hold and allowing participants to join/leave an empty conference.

How to use VoIP Business conferencing?

You can use Free VoIP UK through the following steps:
  • Type or dial-in the conference number on our webphone, softphone, smartphone or phone to make the call
  • When prompted, enter the access code to be connected to the conference.
  • That’s it; anyone can join the conference room and start the conversation.

Benefits of VoIP Conferencing 

VoIP conference calls can do more than save money and time. Your business can use this free feature in following different ways.

A Great Collaboration Tool

Not many people like spending the majority of their day in meetings. Nonetheless, meetings are an important part of communication and collaboration as a team. Through meetings teams can get updated on different tasks and projects, they communicate essential changes within the company and it also plays a huge part in employee training sessions. However, this does not mean that meetings need to take a long time for setup. They don’t have to be boring and long. Conference calls can replace most meetings in the office. With VoIP, you can create multiple virtual conference rooms for several participants with standard control features. Project teams that don’t get to meet in person can benefit from this feature a lot. This way you can hold meetings instantly and not be restricted to have one or two meetings a month. Hold meetings as many times as needed. 

Maintain Sustainability

Caring for the environment or sustainability used to be considered a bonus or a marketing tool by businesses. However, in today’s business worlds for successful companies sustainability is a fundamental part of their ethos and culture. The most discerning customers now demand to know more about the products they use such as where they were made and what is in them. Most customers are concerned about the environmental impact of their business decisions. Switching to VoIP conferences can cut down on your carbon footprint dramatically and it can also help the local communities. With conference calls, you can also cut down on travelling cost. This means teams worldwide can meet as often as needed, without having to worry about spending time and money. Additionally, participants do not need a pen or paper to take notes. You also don’t have to print anything for distribution. You can record sessions for people who were unable to attend. VoIP has transformed the always important tool for businesses, conference.

VoIP Business is focused on providing the best calling solutions to businesses. If you are looking for more than a conference service then you can upgrade to any of our other plans or get a free trial. We provide a wide range of phone numbers with different area codes. And we offer a plethora of VoIP features. You can choose any UK telephone number that you want, buy add-on services as required and pay as you go. Our aim is to make business communication and operations easier. 


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