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Save money by signing a contract: ViaTalk offers its users a three-month, six-month, one-year, and two-year contracts. You are under no compulsion to make this kind of commitment if you don’t wish. The company also offers month-to-month plans. however it’s definitely worth thinking about, The longer the commitment, the smaller amount you have to pay. for instance, if you sign up for the two-year plan you will pay $4 less per month than you would for the month-to-month plan. Over the period of two years, that amounts to almost $100 in savings. If you plan on having VoIP phone service for a long term then it will be beneficial to look into one of ViaTalk’s contract plans.

International minute incorporated at no additional cost: ViaTalk’s residential VoIP plan includes 60 minutes for free international calling to 70 countries around the world. If you hardly ever do phone calls to other countries, this must be extra sufficient for the occasional international call. If you feel that 60 minutes of international calling isn’t sufficient then you can always buy the ViaTalk World upgrade for an extra $8.95 per month. This provides you with 1,200 minutes to utilize to make landline calls and cell phones in chosen countries.

Complimentary second line with every plan: each ViaTalk plan contains a complimentary second phone line. therefore you can make and receive phone calls even if the first line is engaged. Both of these lines contain unlimited minutes, free in-network calls, three-way call facility, and a lot more. Not everybody will have a requirement for a second phone line. however, it’s unquestionably a good bonus to have, mostly in households with several residents. It’s also great for those who work from home. You won’t have to be concerned about missing important calls at all as there is always another line to receive them on.

Receive rewards by referring friends: If your friend signs up for ViaTalk and utilizes your referral ID then you will get points which you can utilize for rewards and free months of service. The quantity of points you get for your referral depends on the plan your friend selects. The residential Unlimited plan brings in 100 points. Whereas the business Unlimited plans bring in 200. Once you have gathered a number of points, go to ViaTalk’s website to check out the rewards. You can purchase ViaTalk clothing, gift cards, and even electronics with your points. The available rewards are continuously changing, therefore if you don’t see something you like immediately; keep checking back for fresh items.

Customer Support / Easy Setup: ViaTalk is simple to set up and navigate through your choices. There are comprehensive instructions together with illustrations on the site regarding setting up every aspect of the service.

Your support options comprise of a searchable knowledge-base and a segment of popular FAQs, together with troubleshooting questions. You can also contact advisers and representatives through email, phone or the live chat service, although it might take some time to obtain a response on the phone, in spite of the 24/7 availability advertised.

The money back assurance and cancellation policy work within a 14 day time (as opposed to the more generous and more general 30-day policy). There is also a cancellation cost of $49.95. A disconnection charge applies per line following the first 14 days and there are no refunds on the setup/activation fee.

Lacking business-specific tools: bigger business interested in using ViaTalk as their VoIP provider are unable to set up auto-attendants to direct their customers’ calls. Additional business tools, for instance, hold music and Microsoft Outlook integration, are also absent from ViaTalk’s offerings. These features are comparatively universal amongst other VoIP providers.

Extra cost for calls to Puerto Rico: contrasting to the majority of VoIP providers, ViaTalk doesn’t contain Puerto Rico in its unlimited local and long-distance plans. In order to contact Puerto Rican residents, you have to utilize either the 60 free international minutes incorporated with your Unlimited plan or buy the ViaTalk World upgrade, which provides you with 1,200 minutes of international calling every month. If you have relatives or friends living in Puerto Rico who you call frequently, you may be able to find a more reasonable VoIP solution with another provider.

Pricey shipping and premature termination fees: although ViaTalk’s monthly charges are comparatively small, a few of their extra fees might make their plans less reasonable for some. Your VoIP adapter can charge as much as $30 in shipping, and to terminate your plan sooner than the contract is over results in a $50 fee per line. Both of these operating expenses can be removed, but, with careful planning.

ViaTalk proposes three residential plans that all include unlimited minutes although have different prices. You can decide to give a monthly rolling contract for the service or sign up for one year at a discounted rate. The plans consist of unlimited calling to Canada and 60 mins/month to other international countries. If you require additional international time, you will be charged by the minute.

  • S. Unlimited: $7.88 per month for 2 years
  • 1200 international minutes +$8.95 per month
  • Setup Fees: $10.95 S&H
  • Promotions: 1 year free at the time you sign up for 2 years;
  • 60 free international min/month
  • Countries Included: USA & Canada
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