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An innovative form of a telephony system for today digital era is VoIP, Voice over IP, where calls are connected through an internet connection. You pick up a phone, dial a number, and a connection is made over internet instead of a traditional landline circuit. All that user needs for this digital communication system is a high connection internet and a VoIP service provider. Alongside, user may need to consider a number of features while buying VoIP service especially for a business.

In this article, we shall review a major name in VoIP service providers that is VoIP.com.

VoIP.com was founded in 2006 and is continuously providing its users with an effective communication experience through a high-quality call service and a competent technical and customer support system.

Phone Power acquired VoIP.com in 2010 but still VoIP is providing services under its brand name although for customer services you are directed to services provided by Power phone.


VoIP.com provides high-quality service for residential and small business communication systems at a reasonable cost. Moreover, a user is provided with thirty days free trial to ensure a user satisfaction. VoIP.com is also an option for companies spread globally. They can host their websites on multiple platforms and avail conference calling, extensively required for business meetings and conference sessions. VoIp.com provides a fault tolerant system by forwarding calls to other lines that is a pre-configured number usually a mobile number, in case of a line drop, feature by the name of failsafe. Control panel for users to manage their VoIP.com account online. This online account can be used for viewing call logs, call history, adding/deleting users, and managing settings. Virtual lines, extend tour system through your system and assign extensions to different departments and individuals. Fax can be managed  instantly, send faxes to voice mail, convert them and print.

Extensive customer is also available through online blogs, and user guides. You can interact with customer service asking questions on help forums.

VoIP.com provides forty-five standard features and this set of features is continuously improving and updating.

  • free second line
  • reliable PBX system
  • online portal management
  • no international calling plans for residential customers on monthly basis, you get sixty minutes for free international calls after that you are charged per minute. Only business customers are eligible for monthly plans.
  • additional fees for shipping and early cancellation. Almost $15 for shipping and $99 for cancelling a contract before it ends. This gets a little expensive than other VoIP service providers.

VoIPcom comes with a number of reasonable monthly plans. All of these plans come with free calls to United States of America and Canda in addition to free international calls to few other countries. You can get additional minutes of international calls either by paying per minute or opting for global plans. Global plans allow you to make unlimited free international calls.

For local calls, VoIP.com provides an unlimited and free call for rates less than twenty dollars which is more than reasonable in VoIP industry where rates of 15 to 20 dollars are common.

One point noticeable for monthly plans is that you have to obtain a service for a year or two. More long-term services you obtain, fees goes low. It may seem that your plan is expensive initially but in a long run, you will be making a worthy saving on your calling system. If you want to avail a VoIP service for a longer period of time then you may consider such plans to maximize savings in a long run.

All service plan comes with a thirty-day free trial. So you can test and verify if the service is meeting your needs before going for a final purchase.

Reliable and Scalable Phone systems:

Depending upon the needs of an organization VoIP.com provides options for cloud-based PBX or SIP trunking, whichever suits the enterprise. All these services come with easy installation and reliable up-time guarantee from VoIP.com service provider. Once you have acquired the VoIP service and your account is up and running, you can manage your system online through the online portal. This help user to pay bills view call logs. You can add, delete, and modify call attendants and manage other call settings.

VoIP.com provides the second line also on a purchase of a service. This second line can be used to make and attend calls while the other is busy. Second line feature is not unique but with VoIP.com it is free. So a better chance to avail a cost-effective service.

Installation and support:

VoIP services are easy to use. All you have to do is connect internet cables to a router and download software on smartphones. In case of any query; for installation, billing, and usage, consult their user website online or call them. VoIP.com posses a very efficient customer service 24/7 365 days a year.

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Voip.com Reviews
  • Features
  • Credibility
  • Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Help and Support
  • Rates


These reviews are 100% from real users. We do not support any company personally we are here to provide you the best VoIP services provider based on real users experience.

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If you are looking for a reasonable VoIP service in terms of cost that comes with a plenty of features then VoIP.com is a suitable choice. You can avail 45 plus standard features with almost no installation costs and online calling system management. Choose an optimal plan for your business and get started with pre-configured telephone system where most of the setup is done online.

That said, in a nutshell, VoIP.com makes for the best choice for VoIP service. It has a good track record of user experience that comes with a list of features. Making its way successfully in the market of VoIP services providers for more than a decade.


  • 45 standard features

  • Multiple line extensions

  • Mobile App

  • Soft-phones

  • Sixty free minutes for international calls

  • call forwarding

  • Call forwarding, call blocking, do not disturb

  • Caller Id and caller name

  • Virtual lines

  • Fax management

  • Global web hosting

  • Online web portal

  • Conference calling

  • Call logs

  • Online blog, FAQ support

  • Online VoIP expert assistance

  • Caller ID

  • Voice Mails

  • toll-free Number

  • PBX and cloud service

  • SIP trunking

  • Hardware Rental

  • Voicemail and voicemail to email

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