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VOIPBlog works keeping one goal in mind, to keep the selection of provider easier for you and to keep you up to date. We have watched closely as the VoIP industry has gradually progressed over the last 10 years and thus VoIPBlog is now one of the top most authorities in the industry.

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VoIP Provider About VoIP Provider Visit Site

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“IT-Spark” as an innovative company in the Armenian IT market

that offers a wide range of services that may be

interesting for all users; individuals and companies.

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Telasco Communications provides custom tailored solutions

for your global telecommunication challenges.

Telasco operates in telecoms sector since 2001.

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Founded in 2006, Fortis Communications is an international VoIP carrier,

providing quality voice services in the wholesale and retail markets.

They have more than 500 agreements with world’s leading telecommunication carriers.

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VoIPShop Telecommunications is a recognized Carrier in the International

Telecommunications market with skilled and qualified

personnel and up-to-date technological base.

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Tonerro carries traffic to all possible destinations in the world,

terminating calls into local PSTN and GSM networks.

Supports both traditional TDM and packet based interconnects.

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Lensol’s LLC, was founded in August 2005 aiming to archive new goals

and integrate solutions in the sphere of telecommunication.

Backed up by a team of young professionals, Lensol managed to archive its goals.

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Every day, thousands of Australian businesses use Commander phone

systems, services and solutions to stay connected.

Book an evaluation of your communications today and take command of your business.

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Having started 400+ telcos and counting,

They are now Australia’s leading wholesale telco aggregator.

Spend less time managing and more time growing.

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CCNC Solutions

Representing leading voice logging brands including

Total Recall VR and TCR-2000 in Australia and New Zealand.

They provide the best consulting, pre-sales, implementation and post-sales service.

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Total Recall VR

Total Recall VR is a product line of professional,

full featured and turn-key audio logging and call recording

products for enterprise-critical communications.

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Binary Networks

Binary Networks is a leading business-to-business communication service

provider that focuses on leveraging technological advances in communication

to deliver more agile, innovative and cost effective solutions to business.

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Binary Networks

Hosted PBX is Cybertel’s premier unified communications

solution for businesses, delivered over the Internet.

Traditional Telstra network fixed line services, billed by Cybertel.

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VoicePipes has recently upgraded and improved its

already great infrastructure to further improve voice quality,

reliability allowing them to provide a better service to you.

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Coloured Lines

Coloured Lines is a new and exciting breed of full service

VoIP carrier operating our own robust network.

Exclusively serving Australian businesses, the company was formed in 2011.

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Their prepaid VoIP plans operate on a premium grade VoIP network.

This in turn increases the sound quality of the calls you make.

Tailored for small business phone systems to complete VoIP solutions.

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Binary Elements

Binary Elements is a trusted provider of advanced communications and networking

services backed with extensive and privately owned, data center infrastructure.

A National provider for clients in Australia.

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Vonex is an Australian telecommunications company providing

innovative VoIP solutions to change the way you connect.

Connecting you, wherever you are in the world.

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Talk is cheap with nettalk, you can make telephone calls to fixed

and mobile phones nationally and internationally through your broadband

internet connection and your existing analogue home telephones.

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Over the Wire is a Telecommunications and IT solution provider,

specializing in converged voice and data networks, data centers,

and hosted infrastructure solutions for corporate clients.

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Their telecommunication solutions leverage cost effective VoIP

termination methods without sacrificing business grade call quality.

You can use your email account to send and receive faxes.

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Delacon develops leading telecommunication technology

solutions that helps business stay ahead.

Delacon offers a world class call tracking solution.

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Integrity Solution

Offers ongoing contracting solutions to our clients, from major corporations

to small businesses, single projects or many projects

and would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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The company was founded in 2004, and staged

its first international service launch in late 2004.

They Componentised carrier grade network for telcos and multi national companies.

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With todays cutting edge technologies such as VoIP & VoDSL

their small & medium business clients are realizing huge cost savings

on their phone bills as well as significant improvements in productivity.

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Innovation by leveraging latest technologies while maintaining

cost-effectiveness and service quality by high degree of automation.

AlphaNet has its own in-house software development and systems integration teams.

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Gridare is a provider of Enterprise level hosted phone

solution for small to medium sized business

Privately held and based in Sydney, Australia.

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Vienna Server

ViennaServer is an Austrian company based in Vienna that specializes

in VoIP-based telephone solutions for the corporate sector.

ViennaServer’s VoIP telephony is operated via a computer center in Vienna.

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4 Telecom Services

Expand voice channels, Upgrade your communication channels.

After porting your fax number to 4TS, you can receive your faxes as a pdf to any email address.

4TS Mobile Landline, Use your 4TS SIP account on the go.

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Mitacs is a national, not-for-profit organization that has designed and

delivered research and training programs in Canada for 18 years.

Mitacs was founded in 1999 as a Canadian Network of Centers of Excellence.

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Kapper is one of the most successful internet service providers in Austria.

Specializing in demanding and individual requirements,

the company offers its partners and customers “the better Internet solutions”.

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FL-Connect Solutions

FL-Connect Solutions offers Mobile Gateways and accessories for all networks, worldwide.

The IQSIM SIM-Server Solution is the heart of IQSUM GSM Gateway infrastructure.

Their mobile Gateways M100 are deployed SIM-Iess.

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IP Austria started the first Austrian development project for

a packet-switching telephone network,

which they successfully brought to market in 2002.

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Delivers management and technology consulting with a difference.

Drives change in our clients’ businesses by

creating customized solutions on a personal basis.

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Since the beginning of GULFSIP as a VoIP provider and till now

they hold one idea which is “PEOPLE NEED TO COMMUNICATE”

and to do that they have an easy and fast cheap way to do it.

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Committed to developing specific industry-segment focused solutions.

Delivering telecom services with consistent highest service standards and quality.

Customers can access the online portal, that provides usage and payment details.

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They’re playing a part in building a new world of communication and technology.

Where the world isn’t tied down by prices.

Where people like them provide a value added service.

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SunNet Group

SunNET is an IT based solutions provider which has proven itself to be

one of the leading competitors in todays high demanding IT industry.

Their services deliver global solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs.

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Mos5Tel is one of the promising International Gateway(IGW) license holder in Bangladesh

with regulatory approval of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Mos5Tel since its inception took quality control as a core value for its operations.

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WD Telecom

WD Telecom is a leading VoIP Solution Provider and System Integrator.

It is dedicated to delivering Customer Management and Billing Solutions for entrepreneurs,

carriers, VoIP Calling Card Operators and Corporate companies based on VoIP.

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Mim Tel is one of the easiest way to make international calls in lowest cost.

It is a prepaid VoIP provider company that helps you communicate anywhere in the world.

MIM Tel provides a cluster of profitable VoIP solutions.

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Moittry is Hong Kong SAR registered local company owned by Bangladeshies

which works are focused on information and communication technologies industry.

The employees have years of experience with leading VOIP and Teleco companies.

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RIMI Telecom

VoipSwitch, all-in-one solution is a complete suite of

SIP network elements for VoIP carriers on a single platform.

Their Server Collect From Best Company In USA & UK.

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With 35 years of continuous innovation, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc.

(AVST) is a trusted developer of software-based

Unified Communications (UC) solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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With some 156 million mobile customers, 29 million

fixed-network lines and more than 18 million broadband lines,

Deutsche Telekom is paving the way for the gigabit society.

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NovoTel is a leading International Voice Gateway (IGW) operator in Bangladesh.

NovoTel has a NOC which is maintaining excellent service quality and uptime

for its local and international interconnected telecom partners.

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ViBE is a bandwidth enhancement technology, designed to boost the performance

of internet and WAN connections. In addition, ViBE enhances IP-voice services,

delivering superior call quality with up to 5-fold increases in call capacity.

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Reve Systems

REVE Systems started in 2003 with a focuse to serve the IP based communication industry.

A Telecom & Software Solution provider, REVE Systems has a wide assortment

of products, ranging from backbone infrastructure to peripheral products.

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Maximus Data Company is a leading Boston based IT solutions provider

delivering a comprehensive solution set to meet their customers’ requirements.

They act as an extension of their customers IT department.

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Enjoy a Good Clear Voice Quality at The Best Rate in The Market!

With SamTel you can make international calls

to phone numbers worldwide at Ultra-low calling rates.

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VoIP Club

For making VoIP calls around the world by the most friendly prices

All the incoming calls are not being charged at all, not depending on data plan.

Any client can participate in VoipClub partnership program.

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TELES AG has the decisive body of knowledge that has been

developed with the many advances achieved in technology.

TELES AG works together with more than 300 key customers.

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Blic Net

Blicnet, a limited liability company for telecommunications, is a licensed

mobile and fixed telephony operator, an internet service provider (ISP),

a network operator, a cable TV service provider and a system integrator.

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Abatel Telecom

A young, dynamic company that daily seeks innovative solutions for clients.

Ready to analyze and develop projects that aim at saving and quality in phone calls.

They are present in over 160 countries around the world.

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A company of solutions WEB, virtual stores, websites, blogs, mobile applications,

capture pages, email marketing, marketing automation, google ads, facebook ads

are some of the tools that we use to bring qualified customers to your business.

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Skylinks Telecom

Skylinks is a global telecom operator and networking solutions provider

impeccable track record of serving multinational carriers and operators since 2004.

Skylinks Telecom is one of the first cross-communication network in Latin America.

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ZENITE is a Brazilian company that has been operating for 26 years

in the areas of Telecommunications, Security and Tracing.

ZENITE the leader in several segments in which it operates.

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The Voitel Group was created in 1998, becoming 100% national capital in 2007.

The group is formed by two companies: Voitel Telecom

and the Voitel Conference that offer solutions in the segment of voice.

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Mundi Brazil

Mundi Brasil’s trajectory has become a reference in the IP (VoIP)

telecommunications segment in Santa Catarina since 2004.

Mundi Brasil is a provider that connects the north of Santa Catarina to the world.

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VELIP is a pioneer in cloud communications solutions.

Whether by landline or mobile, VELIP makes it possible to

send voice messages and automate the service process.

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VoIPZAG Telecom offers the opportunity to offer all VoIP services to cabin customers.

Phone calls from computer to phone via VoIPZAG Telecom’s server.

Build VoIP PBXs to suit your business needs.

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SILATEL™ is your partner for VoIP and unified communications.

Through innovation and a business-grade service,

offering the easiest and smoothest way to switch to a new age.

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Cooolbox is a high-tech telecommunication company operating

in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo.

ITD Network is one of the largest providers of Internet in the country.

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FONECA Inc. was founded to address the growing demand of reliable,

affordable and cost-effective worldwide communication.

FONECA provides solutions for cost-effective long distance telecommunications.

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Eastern Telecommunications Company is a licensed telecom operator,

offering a wide range of communications solutions and high speed Internet,

as well as enterprise solutions and virtual private networks.

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Datek Systems

Datek Systems has been providing quality telecom services for the past 15 years.

Carry numerous products varying from 3Com, Cisco, Quintum, NEC, and Nortel Network.

They also provide quotes on equipment you have and take in for trade.

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Ring Office

Ring Office is a business focused phone service provider.

If your business needs a fully maintained and hosted communication solution,

Ring Office Cloud Phone System takes the complexity out of your communication.

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VoIP Much

VoIP Much is a privately held Internet phone company

providing phone services over your broadband internet connection.

Business services include conferencing and IVR, are provided globally.

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PIKA Technologies Inc. in an original manufacturer (OEM) of enabling

technology for VARs and developers of communications applications.

The company sells its products on a worldwide basis.

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Bolton Smith

The BoltonSmith VHD Service is easily scaled to meet greater demands.

BoltonSmith’s Cloud is powered by VMware and supported by experienced technicians.

BoltonSmith has developed solutions to bring you a reliable Phone System.

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Wire Guys

Whether your business has two phones and a computers or over

five hundred workstations, Wire Guys will design an efficient

and productive network to suit unique business needs.

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Cititone was started in 2004 with a primary focus of providing

wholesale long distance routes to international providers.

In 2008 they deployed their IP Centrex platform.

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djanah webphone is a web application that lets you communicate

by video no matter where you are, as long as you

can get a broadband connection.

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ComCanada was formed nearly a decade ago and is held privately in Canada.

ComCanada aims to provide affordable communications solutions

to businesses and homeowners across Canada and the USA.

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FaxSIPit, for a quarter of a century the veteran industry leaders,

have been at the forefront of developing and

shaping fax communication as a cutting-edge white label.

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IPStore is a VoIP phone and VoIP phone system equipment

reseller specializing in IP voice

communications products for business.

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Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,

TieUs Corporation was founded from a group

of technical engineers in 1997.

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The Home Phone system is the solution to saying

goodbye to your traditional phone company

and to immediately start saving money.

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Redial Consulting

Redial Consulting has been in the Telecom market for over twenty years.

Today, Redial Consulting offers end to end IT solutions

for small, medium, and large business needs.

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At Telehop, they are dedicated to offering superior telecom

services for your business while complementing

their offerings with a positive customer experience.

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Their services are based on a next-generation voice platform

providing feature extensive and scalable voice solutions.

They help companies of all sizes unlock the power of communications.

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MyOwn Telco

MyOwn Telco is a telecommunication platform from SoftConseil Inc.,

a Canadian company in business for now 20 years.

Building and deploying dozens of telephony products across countries.

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BEAT the big boys by getting your telephone service

from a company that ONLY specializes in serving

and supporting the commercial BUSINESS customer.

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Real Telecom

Real Telecom is a private company formed in 2005.

It was created to develop telecommunication products

and services to communicate from everywhere to everywhere.

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InTouch Networks was established in 2002 with the goal

of providing innovative, cost effective business phone

services designed for your business’ unique needs.

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Founded in 1988, Distributel is a privately held, Independent

Telecom with over 27 years of growth and success.

A leading Canadian CLEC covering over 1000 cities in Canada.

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VoiceMail Tel

A high-tech innovator focused on improving productivity for customers.

They deliver services to every type of organization because

their powerful and secure solutions can be customized to fit.

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Since 1988, Distributel Communications Limited has been

trusted by Canadians for their telecommunications needs.

Distributel continues to forge partnerships and bring innovative solutions.

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iTalkBB is a company dedicated to creating innovative

and authentic mobile communication experiences

and TV content for people around the globe.

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VoIP Carriers

YOIP carriers is an International carrier having office in Toronto, Canada.

YoipCarriers is a fast growing company of long distance voice calls.

NextPoint powered VoIP infrastructure customer interconnect is easy and fast.

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Founded in 2007, was built by a group of IT and business professionals

who believed there was a better way to bring Internet phone services to companies

who, had a desire for high-calibre communications solutions.

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Medwave Optique is a specialist in the implementation and deployment

of IP telephony (VoIP), video conference and fibre optic systems.

Since 2003, its qualified specialists have served hundreds companies.

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DirekTel is a VoIP service and telephony consulting company

providing a wide range of telecommunication

solutions for small and medium businesses alike.

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