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VOIPBlog works keeping one goal in mind, to keep the selection of provider easier for you and to keep you up to date. We have watched closely as the VoIP industry has gradually progressed over the last 10 years and thus VoIPBlog is now one of the top most authorities in the industry.

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Online Valium Reviews, Buy Valium Laos

TelnetPhone harnesses the power of the Internet to

create low cost phone lines to serve the Vancouver market.

It allows you to call worldwide to reach anyone that has a phone number.

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VoiZar is a Canada based company with offices in UAE and Pakistan.

They are one of the few exclusive retail license holders in Canada.

Services includes Wholesale Voice traffic, retail/wholesale voice telephony cards.

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QiiQ Communications Inc. (“QiiQ”) is a private Canadian corporation

incorporated in 1988 originally under the name TEO Technologies Inc.

Best for Entrepreneur seeking entry into the booming IP Telephony business.

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Techasoft Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing IT Company that

provides a holistic IT solution to businesses across geographies.

Best for Entrepreneur seeking entry into the booming IP Telephony business.

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Worldline is on the side of those who want great service

at the best price in the country, and don’t want to sign a contract.

Switching is simple with Worldline.

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My VoIP Line

Making a phone call to your relatives is an important part of our daily lives.

With the world going global our relatives and we are staying at diverse places.

Thus, it makes absolutely necessary to have a calling card.

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Phonetime has over 22 years of experience as a leading global one-stop service.

Over 1,000 commercial agreements enables us to provide a complete global footprint.

Our commercial teams leverages in our own proprietary trading platform.

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GT Global Services

Our goal is to help you focus on what’s important to your business.

Improved communication with customers.

Compliance with such regulations as PIPEDA.

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Iristel brings reliable Phone, Fax and Internet service to your home.

Home phone from Iristel is an affordable and reliable way to stay in touch with family.

Everything you need to stay connected with family and friends, surf and stream, all at a price you can afford.

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Aatel to become the leader in systems integration within vertical markets.

We won’t just sell you our solutions; we first learn all we can about your processes and issues.

Our team members are highly skilled; each of them offers unique and diverse skills.

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Royal Market Inc

The only way to guarantee success is to work in partnership with you.

We introduce leading-edge technologies into your workflow.

Our core team has an accumulated experience of more than 100 years.

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Group3 Corp. is a Markham-based online marketing company established in 1999.

Our mission is to offer businesses a comprehensive online presence & branding solution.

In digital world Group 3, will ensure that your voice stands out in the global market.

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SavyTel is a global leader in providing international voice connectivity and solutions.

Our network is fully monitored and redundant with various POPs.

It provides high quality service for hundreds of millions of minutes annually.

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Gold Leaf Telecome

We truly believe that telecom services should not be that expensive.

GLT offers the lowest rates and newest technologies in the industry.

Gold Leaf Telecom provides it’s customers with the full bundle of residential services.

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ISAs technology enables anyone to make and receive phone calls with a touch-tone telephone.

Internet Solutions Alliance delivers the telecom services from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Offers its VoIP traffic termination services to and Calling Card companies.

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Galaxy Telecom

Galaxy is very pleased to announce it has been acquired by TéliPhone Navigata-Westel.

The company is now one of the largest independent facilities-based Competitive Local Exchange.

Téliphone also operates a US network and its voice and IPTV services are available.

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We deliver the infrastructure and training to you to sell the IP/Voip.

Become an internet service provider. We deliver the necessary equipment.

Deliver the TV service Audio content over the internet.

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We are a leading company in BPO solutions and strategic management of CORPORATE COMMUNICATION.

We strengthen your operational management, applying best practices in your business.

Guide us by principles of transparency, responsibility and reliability.

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Garantizamos un servicio óptimo las 24 horas y cortos tiempos de respuesta.

Proporcionamos soluciones confiables, eficientes y ayudando a identificar nuestros.

Computadores para usos especiales: graficación, diseño, animación, otros.

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TelOnline is a company that offers and consults specialized solutions in telephony.

TelOnline is a selected partner of Digium, Asterisk makers.

We will achieve our goals by delivering the most effective customer experience.

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Experts in the development and implementation of Applications.

WEB + VOIP application development, web telephony and voice over IP (VOIP).

We will achieve our goals by delivering the most effective customer experience.

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Unified Communications Solution with an excellent balance between integral and corporate solution.

offers a high level of functionality to systematize and automate Call Center processes.

SIP carrier class service for medium and large companies.

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We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in different IT sectors.

we offer our clients a personalized and innovative advice.

We offer our clients tailored developments according to the specific requirements they request.

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We offer our services throughout the national territory.

We ensure the growth of your operations by freeing you from infrastructure investments.

We offer our services Voice over Ip..

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Voice inab

Remember that we must always keep in mind the security variable. Security is paramount.

Our server can work with our time zone and correctly register the call records in the database.

We offer our services Voice over Ip..

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Red 2 Net

Our VOIP service is focused on.

People with Internet BROADBAND.

Call Center of all kinds (Collection, sales, support, etc).

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We focus on maintaining a direct communication person to person.

With the lowest possible rates without forgetting the excellent quality that our clients deserve.

we hope to improve our platform by integrating additional services.

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We are delivering “Solutions As a Service” to Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Our support teams work around the clock and are always available 24/7.

We listen to You and we are able to build a better solution.

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call my way

We are registered in the SUTEL (Telecommunications Superintendence of Costa Rica).

we try to cover the majority of market segments,.

We have state-of-art equipment and interconnection agreements with first world operators.

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VoIP System

VOIP SYSTEMS SA is a company created with the vision of providing a service of excellence.

We offer you the latest technology.

Our vision and goal is to be an example for society.

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We have the latest in IP technology, from WIFI personal devices, centralized and decentralized facilities, virtual numbers abroad.

Your international calls from any phone at internet price..

With more than 5 years of experience, InterPhone offers various VoiP services.

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GN Ground

WOur staff is trained and certified to provide our customers with the best service.

Your international calls from any phone at internet price.

GND is a Costa Rican company that since 2006 enters the national market as a provider of communication solutions

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We install cabling the right way the first time. Certified. Neat. User friendly.

We can install and or terminate Fiber Optic cabling.

With over 50 years of experience in all phases of cabling we always ensure customer satisfaction.

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PENEO offers a new way of using your Internet connection to call anyone in the world.

We can install and or terminate Fiber Optic cabling.

Let’s see how can you benefit from our VoIP service.

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MTBC Telecom Limited is a telecommunication company.

Our company is specialized in voice traffic termination to the countries of the Community.

Quality, efficiency and straight dealing with our partners is our target.

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BusinessCom delivers worldwide broadband Internet access with SLA and full support of QoS.

BusinessCom adds Telesat Telstar-11N and SES World Skies NSS-12 to the fleet.

BusinessCom introduces new iDirect-enabled services employing DVB-S2 and ACM to Middle East and Africa.

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PrimeTel offers a new way of using your Internet connection to call anyone in the world.

We can install and or terminate Fiber Optic cabling.

Let’s see how can you benefit from our VoIP service.

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LogosNet Services LTD was founded in 1995.

It was the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Network Solutions Provider entering the Cyprus market.

The company caters the needs of both the end-user as well as the corporate/government sector.

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We provide devices regarding to VoIP.

E1 PCM Multiplexer device provides the possibility of distributing E1 flow channels between several E1 links..

Signaling Converter that allows to combine systems that use different signaling protocols.

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ASTELNET is a Telco service provider and vendor of voice and data equipment.

ASTELNET providing installation and maintenance service of avionics.

Providing secured communication services for enterprises and private communication on the ground, sea and on the air.

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VoIPRoutes offers businesses VoIP solutions with our high quality wholesale A-Z VoIP terminations.

Founded in the year 2009, VoIPRoutes enables seamless delivery of carrier-grade VoIP solutions.

As a world-class VoIP termination provider, we’d be delighted to offer you our knowledge and experience.

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Zaregistrujte se a po přihlášení si v menu platby dobijte kredit některou z nabízených možností.

Odorik SIM poté přiřadíte k jednotlivým číslům opět v menu linky.

Odorik využívá síť T-mobile.

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Since 2005, IPXP Europe sro is the official representative of the international telecommunications project IPXP in Europe.

Good knowledge of regions and specific markets allows the company to provide partners.

Therefore, our company is a supplier of stability and reliability for you and your business.

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IT Profik

IT Profik sro was established in 1999 as a personal type of company.

Since its inception we have been focusing on corporate clients and partnerships.

In terms of services, we focus on network and ICT management.

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We do Simple integration of VoIP telephony with your system via Webhook.

Business is about communication. Communicate with customers or colleagues.

We will connect your electronic communication tools with telecommunication.

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We offer classic mobile and fixed calls.

At home or at work, you are calling for the cheapest (VoIP), but still in the field, still via GSM.

Everyone invites you, you will invite everyone.

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One of the key elements of a prosperous society is communication and access to information.

Internet telephony services bring significant savings for calls abroad as well as within the Czech Republic.

The main advantage of our offer is quick installation, free installation.

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We do Simple integration of VoIP telephony with your system via Webhook.

Business is about communication. Communicate with customers or colleagues.

We will connect your electronic communication tools with telecommunication.

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Calls are updated once a day. Call costs may fluctuate slightly during the month.

Today’s day is featured in an app traffic that should serve users using our VOIP services, especially to control their calls.

final value is always set at the beginning of the following month, at the monthly closing date.

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Callcentre er livsnerven i mange virksomheder i forskellige størrelser.

Sådan I kan servicere og sælge til eksisterende og nye kunder.

Vi har stor ekspertise inden for både inbound og outbound trafik.

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You’ll keep your phone number or create new that works like any other landline numbers.

You call FREE with other IP Telephony customers on IPDIX wherever in the world.

You only pay down to 1/10 of the cost of international telephony, eg: US costs 14 øre per minute.

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Hello, and welcome to the warmth of the mifon family. We are happy to make you happy.

Our experience with IP telephony dates back to 2005 is amazing.

If you want to hear more about mifon, you are always welcome to call and have a nice chat.

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AV Telecom

Advanced VoIP Telecom is your new IP telephony company.

Advanced VoIP Telecom is able to capture low rates and offer its customers the benefit of these competitive rates.

Our vision “Communications Without Limits” allows us to constantly expand and update our services.

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Sangoma Technologies is a leader in unified communications with more than 30 years.

Developing global and scalable telephony solutions.

we have a solution for each scenario and REQUIREMENT of your project.

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UC Solutions

Founded in 2010, UC Solutions is one of the fast growing IT services providers in Egypt.

Our team is ready to help you plan, design, deploy, implement, support.

Our solutions and services including all network related issues, as passive infrastructure.

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Arkan is a fast growing IT solutions provider.

Arkan is moving forward day by day to its deserved remarkable market share.

Arkan continues growth market Expansion with new branch in Saudi Arabia to build its competencies VoIP.

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Welcome to SAND – the leading software and communication house.

SS7, ISDN, VoIP protocol converters, VoIP subscribers system, ANI subscribers system, Prepaid cards system.

Voucher management system, ready made web portal content management systems (CMS).

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Every year there seems to be a new phone scam aimed at taking money from unsuspecting, often vulnerable, people.

Unify all your business communications under one system.

Work just as well on the road as in the office with the ability to connect and collaborate on any device.

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Te gustaría llegar a todos los rincones del mundo y facilitar el acceso telefónico a tus clientes.

Con TELECAMVOICE tus comunicaciones son más versátiles que nunca.

TELECAMVOICE pone a su disposición el servicio de troncal SIP con capacidad de tener múltiples llamadas simultaneas.

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Lite Net

We serve vertical industries that include banks, insurance andtelecommunications.

We are pioneers in El Salvador in IP Video Surveillance and we offer the best brand.

We provide our clients with the design of IP networks and their implementation.

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GO Group

Established in 2005 AS Go Group is based on local private capital and investment, and support services company.

Virtual Private Server is usually suitable for running applications for small and medium enterprises.

The server hosting service allows you to host corporate servers with great location and controlled access.

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Siplab offers you a white label Voip platform.

We includes all the telephony services necessary for your insertion in the telecom environment.

Our Voip solution gives you more possibilities.

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KRYPTSYS successfully achieve in telecommunications, pay television, e-commerce and public affairs management.

It’s about giving meaning to technological applications and making them tools for human development.

We always make sure you have tools and resources to take the reins and run your business.

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iQsim was founded in 2009 and became the leading provider of Open Virtual SIM Platform and VSIM enabled Mobile devices.

iQsim’s team has acquired significant Telecom experiences in major companies.

The company HQ is in Sophia-Antipolis, France with Sales offices in Paris (France) and São Paulo (Brazil).

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Creation of the company, pioneer of VoIP in France.

OpenIP launches the first Cloud Unified Communications offerings.

OpenIP passes the 500 partners integrators in France.

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Province Media

Our experience in Telecom and IP network, allows us to offer high tech multimedia services.

Provence Media is positioning itself as a consultant in Internet and IP telephony solutions.

We offer our services and advice on your Telecom and IP infrastructure.

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With Manifone, you can place cheap phone calls abroad, to any destination in the world.

You can reach your relatives in Africa with cameroon cheap calls, senegal calls.

Don’t forget about Asia neither, as you can get low cost calls to most countries, like vietnam.

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TELES AG has the decisive body of knowledge that has been developed with the many advances achieved in technology.

TELES AG has consistently released numerous groundbreaking products for the telecommunication industry.

TELES AG works together with more than 300 key customers and partners.

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In France, Vivaction has been offering a full range of IP based services such as High Speed Connectivity.

Vivaction has developed international activities for 15 years.

Data Protection is among new priorities for most companies today.

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Created in 2004, Serveurcom began its activity by developing local operators.

11 years later, Serveurcom has become a national telecom operator with 11 million euros in revenue.

Our national backbone allows us to offer our customers and partners 100% of available access technologies.

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Created in 2004, the Annatel company has set itself the goal of providing tailor-made solutions to the French-speaking Israeli population.

Its capacity for innovation and its willingness to anticipate the expectations of its customers, have made Annatel for over 10 years, a real trusted partner for French in Israel.

Annatel constantly innovates and offers a variety of service.

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Foliateam offers Enterprise VoIP packages that adapt to your needs and economically advantageous.

Our IP telephony solutions allow you to manage your switchboard centrally and simply.

Installed in your company or datacenter, we have virtual IPBX / IPBX servers to manage and monitor your network.

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MyPhone offers the most flexible tariff system across the telecommunication market.

The company MyPhone cooperates with the world’s leading international and local telecommunication companies.

The company’s goal is to fully satisfy the reader requirements and create innovative product.

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Geonet is a corporate customer oriented telecommunication service provider company.

We create complex telecommunications solutions for your business success.

Geonet’s main services are : optical internet , VoIP telephone service , IVR functions and IP PBX / call center systems.

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In 2007 we stirred up the blue and white sky above Bavaria with an invisible cloud.

Regardless of location, flexible, free and at a low price.

Our cloud telephone system can serve businesses of 2 to 249,000 employees.

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VOICE is the most natural way of human communication.

Once started as retail VoIP provider, we always remember what we’re doing in transit business.

We do avoid narrow-band codecs whenever possible.

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Your inexpensive telephone system in the network.

With the virtual PBX you share our platform with other customers.

A dedicated dedicated telephone system for your company. Here you have complete access to the configuration.

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Voice Trading

We can give very low rates for any international call, anywhere in the world.

We have A-Z voice termination from our interconnections.

Customers find 24/7 support from our network operation centre, to ensure only top quality.

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You can connect Q-Help-Desk with our service team.

We do installation and Programming of VoIP gateways, PBXs and software.

We do fast correction of errors of any kind va remote maintenance.

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Since 2004, we offer voice-over-IP telephony in the business sector.

we continue to develop our Voice over IP products today.

Since our company was founded in 2004, we play with our innovations in the 1. Liga! With this wealth of experience.

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Equada GmbH is a nationwide cloud and VoIP service provider.

Our target group are mainly medium-sized companies in Germany.

We feel highly responsible for any project we manage and are not satisfied until it is a success.

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At beroNet our mission is to be the leading manufacturer of innovative communication technology.

BeroNet products are designed to be easy to understand and configure.

We place further emphasis on building hardware that you can install and forget.

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Here you get high-performance web hosting, server housing, data lines and VoIP.

We are present in several data centers and have partner companies.

we are in demand experts when it comes to connecting the Internet and traditional communication channels.

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BusinessCom delivers worldwide broadband Internet access with SLA and full support of QoS, VPN, business quality VoIP and videoconferencing.

BusinessCom adds Telesat Telstar-11N and SES World Skies NSS-12 to the fleet.

BusinessCom introduces new iDirect-enabled services employing DVB-S2 and ACM to Middle East and Africa.

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First Telecom group of companies was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Athens Greece.

We respect your time and budget.

We go the extra mile for you.

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We believe that telecom services should not be dominated by expensive and technically scary providers.

We dedicate our efforts to ensuring that all of the highest standards of security and performance are provided at affordable, reasonable costs.

You can always reach BleMobile dedicated customer service team who are available to answer your issues.

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By making use of your existing internet connection you are talking really cheaper and of high quality, all over the world!

Viva VoIP has the best quality you will find in a VoIP service world-wide because it routes calls through the OTE network.

In addition you can talk completely FREE with your friends and colleagues all over the world who are subscribers of Viva VoIP.

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Επικοινωνήστε τώρα με τους συνεργάτες σας, όπου κι αν βρίσκονται,.

προσκαλώντας τους σε ένα εικονικό γραφείο, στο οποίο αποκτούν πρόσβαση μέσω τηλεφώνο.

, γνωρίζοντας τον ειδικό κωδικό που θα τους δώσετε εσείς.

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TM puts at your disposal IT and Technology (IT) services of high quality and reliability.

The culture of our company is to make the image of our client always look good.

We consider your goals as your own goals.

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Usatel provides telecommunications solutions to companies through voice over IP technology.

We have solutions for small, medium and large companies.

With the products and services of Usatel, your company can have a telephone system with advanced features that will allow you to improve communication with your customers and suppliers.

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