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Easy Setup: VOIPo works with a VoIP adapter (hardware) that connects to your current phone(s) and basically converts them into internet-ready devices. VoIP adapter is shipped to you free, courtesy of VOIPo, and the activation process is also totally free.

When it comes to setting up the adapter, it’s a fast and easy procedure outlined by the thorough instructions that come with the device. You can set up greetings, voicemails, forwarding and a lot more through this course.

Customer Support: VOIPo’s Customer support system is typically hosted on the company website. The support includes installation guides, feature support and a knowledgebase making up most of assistance.

For individuals who would like to contact the provider directly, you won’t have any issues in getting to their e-mail, phone, mailing address or live chat.

Keep in mind that you have a 30-day money back guarantee therefore don’t fret about not having time to make your mind up.

There are several VoIP providers which provide a wide variety of plans to cater a broad range of customers. VOIPo as compared to others offers a very limited plans.

VOIPo offers two different plans for the Residential and small business, both these plans have similar features. You can pay the charges on a monthly basis or in advance over a 2 year period.

The VOIPo plan for Residential and Small Business includes features such as unlimited calls to the United States and Canada. other than that, every month you also get 60 minutes of free international calls. A free rollover line is included in the plan, together with a VoIP adapter and the facility to send and receive SMS text messages. Users can also utilize call blocking, do not disturb, and call forwarding, three-way calling, call waiting and waiting ID with their VoIP package.

As compared to other VoIP providers which have an assortment of plans based on minutes per month and amounts of numbers, VOIPo brings refreshing change of minimalism.


The pricing for Home and Small Business plans is alike and comes in two choices. If you would like a rolling monthly contract, then you are looking at $15.00 per month with no tie-in. nonetheless you can save approximately 60% by buying 24 months in advance, making the cost just $6.21/month.

Plan Monthly Rate Cost-per-minute Activation
Home/Small Business $6.21 – $15.00 N/A Free
Buy Actavis Diazepam Uk
VoIPo Reviews
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These reviews are 100% from real users. We do not support any company personally we are here to provide you the best VoIP services provider based on real users experience.

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