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Looking for Best VoIP Service Providers Listse?

Find out all you need to know about the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with VoIP blog.We cover everything related to the voice over IP networks, Internet Telephony and IP Telephony including hard phones, softphones, hardware, software, standards, configurations, VoIP service providers, reviews, tips, and tricks.

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Best phone service so far …

I have used quite a few phone systems and they always had one issue or another which is why none of them stuck by till we switched to Nextiva. And is has been the best experience so far.

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Swift and smooth

When we signed up a few months ago, the process was really swift and ever since the customer support has been incredibly helpful. RingCentral works perfect for our business.

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Simple and easy-to-use

The best thing about the 3CX is the online portal and how easy they make every single task from adding or removing features to forwarding calls on your cell phone.

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Best VoIP Call Features

Enjoy the amazing features that you get by leaving the traditional phone system behind and opt for VoIP instead.

  • Call forwarding – have the calls forwarded to a different number manually

  • Music On-Hold – have the on-hold callers listen to music or a pre-recorded message instead of silence

  • Caller ID – have the number and the name of the caller displayed

  • E911 – In US, E911 (Enhanced 911) is support for wireless phone users who dial 911, the standard number for requesting help in an emergency.

  • Virtual Numbers A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is used to route calls to the user’s actual phone number.

One of the best aspects of VoIP service is its amazing features that we have listed here. There are more than 50 VoIP features out there.

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Types of VoIP Services

Increase your sales with the various features of a Business VoIP that includes IP PBX technology, unlimited extensions, IP faxing capabilities, and many other VoIP features. Get an internet phone service that caters to every need of your office environment.

Save a whole lot of expenses on your monthly phone bills with the Residential VoIP services. Make calls on a very affordable internet phone that is suitable to the needs of your home including calling nationwide as well as calling internationally.

Use the wholesale VoIP services to provide your customers in need of the VoIP services minus the management of the technology and equipment. Get the access to all the standard wholesale VoIP features and set up your own VoIP service.

With SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) lets you integrate video data, voice and internet services together to run an efficient business phone line. It gets rid of all the physical circuits and lines and replaces them with virtual connections over your IP network.

IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) provide you with a telephony service that are completely cloud based. The features of the PBX are managed and hosted by the VoIP provider.

Call center VoIP provides you with the most efficient tools that you need to for call center operations that include inbound and outbound calls, tools to make and receive call in a big volume, assisting callers in a short time, route callers, and much more.

Business VoIP Benefits

A host of advanced features, a lot more customized options and a way better customer support is what you get with Business VoIP plans. You want to keep the following in mind when selecting a business VoIP provider:

Business VoIP Plans Offer Metered, Unmetered and Unlimited Extensions

Do you choose metered or unmetered extensions or are you given a choice of unlimited extension? Is selecting different kinds of extensions of various employees a choice?

Provider Offers a Choice for Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is used highly for businesses. Does the provider offer you SIP trunking or does it only offer hosted PBX solutions?

Mobile VoIP Apps and Features Offered by Providers

Take a good look at your business and decide whether mobile is a crucial part of it. If it is, does your provider offer you free features and support for mobile connectivity and remote working?

Residential VoIP Benefits

Leaving behind the traditional phone system and getting a residential VoIP plan is the most practical and cost-effective decision you can make. You want to keep the following in mind when selecting s residential VoIP provider:

Available Rates

What kind of rates is the provider offering you? Does it offer low monthly rates for metered and unlimited plans?

Kind of Contracts

Do you get to choose your contract? Are you comfortable with month-to-month or would you prefer a yearly contract?

International Rates

Does the provider offer you low per minute cost and competitive international rates?

Mobile Apps

Does your provider has a mobile app so you can access VoIP on the go?

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Latest News From VoIPBlog

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